Our Goals

Our goal is to bring advanced physics simulation engines that enable true to life, immediate interaction to the nascent virtual reality (VR) industry. We have created a cutting edge physics engine named "Midas Physics Engine" to accomplish this, and we are using it to build our own VR games to show off its power and potential.

The current generation of VR content focuses on the loose interaction between players and the virtual environment, be it a gadget, a gun, a house, or a scenic landscape. The next generation of VR will foster a much closer interaction between players and the virtual characters. This will be powered by advanced physics simulation technology that will significantly enhance interactivity and invoke strong emotions in players. Research shows that a VR world governed by the same laws of physics as the real world brings a visceral feeling of immersion to players who interact with it.

The next generation of VR doesn’t have a ready to use physics engine yet. The world lacks a high fidelity physics simulation engine that addresses all the key requirements of VR to make the virtual reality world feel real: